Think you can't afford private school?

You might be surprised by the many options available to manage the costs of private education.

Learn what resources may be available to offset some expenses and make your dream school more affordable by speaking to the admissions department at your school of interest. They will direct you to a variety of resources such as:

Academic Scholarships

This type of scholarship is awarded based on: 

  • Entrance exam 
  • Overall scholastic achievement
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Demonstrated academic potential
  • Proficiency in a particular area of study

All EdCo schools participate in the Oishei full-tuition HS Scholarship program and the Cullen Foudation scholarships.

Need-based Assistance

Partial and full scholarships as well as sliding-scale tuition is awarded based on financial need and does not need to be paid back by the family.

Flexible Payment Plans

The prospect of paying for an entire year or semester can be daunting for a lot of families. Payment plans allow you to spread the payments over eight to ten months, making the expense a bit more manageable for tight budgets.

Low interest loans

This option can help families who have good credit but may be a little short on cash.  Carefully compare loan options to find the lowest interest rates and fees.

Work-Study Programs

Is it important to your family that your child contribute to their own education? Work-study may be an option.  Eligible students are matched with an in-school job during the summer, or after school.  Your tuition account is directly credited based on the number of hours worked.

Don’t miss your chance because you miss a deadline.

Review the websites of the schools you are interested in for deadlines or contact their admissions office for guidance.