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The Equity For All Fund is no longer accepting applications. Unfortunately, we have exhausted our funds. We are hopeful to reopen the application in the future. 


Fund Goal - $250,000.00



The Equity for All Fund is a new initiative directly connected to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work. Our overall inititative focuses on creating educational spaces where all students feel like they belong and can succeed both academically and socially. Through our DEI work, we  discovered that financial constraints make some students feel as though they do not fully belong in their schools. The Equity Fund for All Fund seeks to provide a short-term solution by alleviating these constraints, while also building a path toward solving the issue in the long-term by partnering with the EdCo schools. To meet the needs of our students our goal for this three-year initiative is $250,000.

The average cost of tuition in an EdCo school is $12,600.00 per year. Our schools work tirelessly to keep the cost of tuition affordable, yet despite their best efforts, some students/families struggle to cover the additional fees and costs associated with participation in daily student life. 

The shared mission of EdCo's partner schools is to educate students in welcoming institutions where they feel valued and respected for their diversity of talent, experience, and background so they become active and engaged citizens prepared for success in a global community. It is with this goal in mind that the leaders of EdCo’s partner schools came together to create the first shared fund for the purpose of addressing these gaps in financial need.


The known gaps include but are not exclusive to:

  • access to food (breakfast & lunch)
  • sports fees
  • activity fees
  • technology fees
  • books and supplies
  • electives not covered by tuition
  • field trip costs
  • tickets to dances
  • exam fees
  • transportation to and from school

As we continue to learn more about the true needs of students through our DEI work and requests to this fund, we will become better equipped to meet the needs of current and future students.


The Equity For All Fund will now accept applications from high school students (grades 9-12), from EdCo’s partner schools, who meet the financial eligibility requirements. Oishei and Cullen student scholars are also eligible. Students who meet financial eligibility requirements will receive a letter of invitation from their school.  If you believe you should have received a letter, but have not, please speak to your school DEI Coordinator.

Disbursements from the Equity For All Fund are sent directly to the school on the student's behalf.

With your support, students from all EdCo schools will be able to proudly wear the school sweatshirt at school events, confidently pay for school lunch, take the class trip, sing in the school chorus, purchase the much-needed technical calculator or play a scholarship attracting sport.

Your donation will allow more students to fully participate in the activities and experiences offered at their school so they can feel as though they truly belong.   

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