Why choose a private school?

In Western New York, many public-school districts offer a high quality education, however private schools often exceed the requirements of their public school peers, and private school have higher satisfaction rates with parents.

Why are EdCo schools worth the investment in your child’s education?

Private schools within WNY :

  • Typically offer smaller class sizes and better student/teacher ratios, allowing for more one-on-one interation, and better academic outcomes.
  • Maintain higher standards and expect more academically and socially from their students.
  • Offer a combination of exellent academic standards, and strong core values that align with family and community  
  • Adhere to a core mission of providing the academic, social and life skills that students need to become successful, driven professionals who have a posiive influence on the community.
  • Report higher parent satisfaction. Parents of WNY EdCo students report 98% satisfaction, compared to national average of 56% in public schools.
  • Exceed public school standards.  High expecations and academic rigor help account for above-average levels of student success.  More than 95% of EdCoWNY students are accepted to and attend college.
  • Provide a well-rounded education.  By combining higher academic standards and core values that align with family and community, your child becomes more well-rounded and is provided with the skills and tools needed to prosper throughout life.  

Education Collaborative of WNY schools help prepare your child for a successful future.